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We are a major supplier of wide range of products and services to a significant number of companies worldwide for both off and onshore requirements. EES is extremely customer oriented and in Fact, we are frequently called upon and known to be one of the most trusted distributer in the region. Supplying different types of Piping items, Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel Materials from very reputable sources around the world. Our deep knowledge and vast experience in procurement has enabled us to source, supply and dispatch the desired products for the convenience of our clients. EES, have the capability to perform variety of services i.e. expediting of projects and packages, material control, coating of pipe lines as well as storage.
We In recent years ,have established offices and subsidiaries in key regions, which would enable us to better serve our clients around the world. Moreover, we have expanded the scope of our business and have provided our customers with a range of products and services which includes Machineries, Pumps, Turbines and etc, (please see product list). We take a special pride in being timely and cost- efficient for sole purpose of meeting our client’s needs and satisfaction.

At EES we feel the transparency and business ethic are of utmost importance to our clients and to that end, we pledge to provide the followings.

•    We assure our clients with the best services and the highest quality of products from different origins and materials. The customer’s satisfaction is our paramount concern.

•    Based on prior experience, we are fully aware that each and every project may present its own unique challenges, thus we remain flexible and assist clients to alleviate and turn difficulties into an opportunities.

•    We take every step possible to expedite and keep our customers informed on the availability of the desired products in stocks as well as all the nuances which would occur.

•    Comply and provide assistance with all the required procedural policies of the projects.

•    Making arrangement with the clients designated Inspection Company to carry out the inspection of the materials upon the customer request.

•    Providing the mandatory documentation and certification in a timely manner in order to avoid any undue anxiety.

•    Providing the clients with all the manufacture’s production schedules as well as shipping companies which would include rates and estimated time of arrival.

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