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About Us

Elite Engineers Solutions. E.E.S. is primarily Procurement Company in the field of Energy Production. Our chief area of concentration is in the field of Oil & Gas industries, Power Plant and Petrochemicals. In short period we have managed to become one of the leading energy sector procurement companies with on parallel work ethic, due diligence and reliability.
Through the years the entire focus of Elite Engineering Solution generally known as EES is to be a successful organization. Our primary goal is to ensure the everlasting success and sustained presence of EES for the benefit of our customers around the world as well as our suppliers. We conduct ourselves in this manner to help and ensure the resilience of our company and the preservation of our reputation.


piping items






we supply all kind of piping materials from Siderpiping in Italy from West European manufacturers and also from our well-known Asian manufacturers upon request of the clients.

Pumps - Positive Displacement Pumps






We supply the positive displacement pumps from 3P Prinz S.r.l co. in Italy who is the leader manufacturer of Twin Screw pumps in Italy since 1952


Instrumentation and control






we supply all kind of the instrumentation ,  control, F&G systems from XL group- in UK with high standards and reasonable prices .

FCC Units (recovery and Maintenance)






we take the responsibility of FCC units in refineries for Maintenance ,  supplying the spare parts , technical assistance  from worldwide leading companies.  For more information , please send the following information and our Engineers will contact you as soon as possible.

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